we’re halfway there…

  • WordPress is buying Tumblr. Maybe this means they will come up with better formatting for when I share a post from here to Tumblr. The formatting currently sucks, and I always end up just turning sharing off because it annoys me that nothing posts correctly. I suppose time will tell.
  • I’m getting all sort of compliments on today’s outfit. It’s hard to accurately capture the cuteness in my shitty pics. I’m having fun with this polka dot thing. It’s getting me to wear things I haven’t worn in a while (or ever, which is the case with this dress. It’s new-ish).
  • I’m still slightly salty over the text exchange with my ex yesterday. Not enough to turn it into a big drama or anything, but enough that I did quite a bit of venting in real life.
  • I’ll keep the rant to myself, even though I really don’t want to…lol.
  • I will say this (sorry can’t help myself): I don’t understand getting a parenting lecture from a man who didn’t even know when the first day of school was. He thought it was a week from now – so, if not for me, Jackson would have missed an entire week of school – despite all the texts and emails we’ve been getting every day for the last three weeks. But I suck at parenting? Okay, bro.
  • I feel better now. Ha!
  • I’m excited for the upcoming weekend. We have the kiddos. We have projects to work on. I can’t wait.
  • My desk…still have no idea where the fuck that is or when I’m going to get it. I’m…frustrated.
  • Today my gf is taking her daughter up to Mizzou to move her in for her freshman year. She’s freaking out! She has also had some crazy relationship shit going on here recently, so we have a lunch scheduled for tomorrow after court so that she can get it all out. I think we’re going to need booze.
  • Tomorrow is also hair cut/color day, and it is much needed. Today I’m rocking a messy bun (and maybe later I’ll get shit done?? lol).
  • I popped onto Facebook for a bit earlier (on my work computer) and saw the same old attention whoring, one upping bullshit going on per usual – so I logged right back off. Fuck all of that shit. That place is toxic.
  • If being Facebook popular is important to you, then I feel sorry for you, and I’m also judging you.
  • But – I received a FB message from my mom that was very good news regarding her health, and that made me happy.
  • Speaking of health, I meet my new oncologist on Friday, and I am not looking forward to that at all.
  • Welp – I guess I should tackle this stack of cases sitting on my desk.
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