Oh hi, bitch

Do you ever see a pic of someone and think: ugh I banged that motherfucker? Just me? Ugggghhhhh.

I’m two hefty tequila shots, one IPA, one Bud Light, and 1 1/2 Corona Extras into my evening. The goal: getting drunk tonight, bro.

We ran/walked the husky a little over a mile. I made them race me a couple of times. They won, but it was a challenge, and that’s a win as far as I’m concerned.

Freya came by tonight to grab something. Her mom was all like:

…when I said hi, which is pretty typical, tbh. It’s either “omgggggggg hi!” or Daenerys meme face. There is no in between. I suppose I understand this. It makes me lol though. I’m way past being sorry about it. The only reason it’s remarkable is because I’m still not used to people hating me this much. Lol.

Not gonna lie…a part of me enjoys being hated this much. Living well is the best revenge.

My business partner got all pissy today because we didn’t let him go all old white guy blowhard on our three new 19-year-old female minor in possession clients. Trust me, it was for the best. We are several thousand dollars richer because of it.

But he also told me that, while at court yesterday, a bunch of the male bk attorneys were like “we like you, but we like jenn better because she is hot af,” and I’m like: yes, bitch.

Listen…I’m 40 and imma take what I can get compliment wise, okay? OK!

I’m drunk. For sure.


Btw…I think I was wrong about my friendship tanking. I got more inside info, and it seems that it’s a weird jealous gf situation, which makes me lol. For reasons. Anyway, I think it’s fixable. And that makes me happy.

It’s only Tuesday. How even?????

Alrighty, I’m going to go fuck the shit out of my husband now. Because it’s Tuesday night, baby, and I’m alive.

Love you bye.

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