i’ve never liked this client

I met with a client a couple of months ago. The IRS filed a claim in her case stating that she owes about $5k for the 2016 tax year. She says she doesn’t owe it. I say we can dispute it, but I need to see a copy of the return first.

She never sent the return. Because of course she didn’t.

Here we are two months later and she wants to meet to discuss this matter. I say sure, but I need the return, and I cannot give you the info you are wanting, because I need to do the work to determine what you actually owe; work I cannot do because I don’t have the fucking return.

So she has spent like 20 fucking minutes arguing with me about how she called the IRS and they said she could just call me, then I would tell them she disputes it, and they will investigage. I’m like, yes, but that requires me filing an objection to their claim, which requires me to have the fucking return. SEND ME THE FUCKING RETURN! THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

She’s still bitching. This is all happening via text btw.

She’s like: so I still have an appointment for tomorrow? It’s taking everything inside of me not to respond: if you don’t simmer the fuck down the only appointment you’re going to need is an appointment to get a new fucking attoney.

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