4 am thoughts

I’m sick of the news. It’s like nothing good is ever happening. It’s ridiculously depressing.

I’m exhausted, and yet never able to sleep; sometimes because my body sucks, and sometimes because somebody or something wakes me up. I’m honestly starting to feel angry about how tired I always am. Resentful.

I feel like I have nothing nice to say right now. I’m definitely grumpy af. I shouldn’t be awake.

This did not suck, which was surprising, because I usually dislike both double IPA and Boulevard beer.

I also enjoyed the new restaurant we tried tonight, despite our incompetent waiter.

I’m grateful today is Friday, because I’m almost at the end of a short fuse.

My eyes are heavy, but my heart is too.

I had a bad week exercise/calorie wise. Gotta get back on track today, particularly with the exercise, because I can tell it’s starting to work. The scale is being stubborn, but I can see and feel the changes. Consistency is key.

Send me good sleep vibes please.

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