SATC stuff

Continuing the SATC binge. I’m on season 3 now.

Everytime I re-watch this show, I identify with new/more things.

For example, I’m not saying it’s okay, but I def understand the Big and Carrie affair.

Also –

Miranda: What do you want?

Carrie: I want everyone to get out of this without getting hurt.

Miranda: Well that’s realistic.

So. Fucking. True.

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One thought on “SATC stuff

  1. One of the odd things in my media diet is that I never did get into SATC. It was right down my alley – SJP, Cattrall, Smart Redheads… I mean, write a show for me why don’t you? But it always felt (to me) like it was trying to be just transgressive enough to make my aunt blush if you found out she watched the show but not enough to be actually ahead of the curve. So it just put a barrier between me and it. That said, rock on with the rewatch – I can’t begin to count the number of shows/movies that I’m into and other people I know and love think are completely inexplicable. lol.

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