If this is middle school, wtf is high school going to be like???

Frey started chatting nonstop when I picked her up this evening. This is typical of a Monday after a non-custody weekend. I got the d.l. on all the middle school gossip.

The stand out stuff:

– they all think they’re “dating.” I was like…um where do they go? The answer? Fucking nowhere, obviously. And listen, I get it, but still: dating my ass.

– also they are all “cheating” on each other. I was like, “so what’s considered cheating exactly?” The answer seems to be simply talking to another person you think is cute and having the bf/gf discover this fact.

– they are all “triggered” about this or that. At a certain point, I almost said, “If I hear the word triggered one more time, I’ll give you something to be triggered about.” 🤣

– oh and her bestie apparently identifies as a demisexual. WHATEVER THE FUCK THAT EVEN MEANS.

Jesus fucking Christ.

So apparently M cheated on her bf with S’s bf, but M says that S’s bf was actually her bf, and she was cheating on him with the other guy, and now the girls, who used to be besties, are now frenemies, and S is triggered af. Oh and Freya can’t even with M now.

These kids are all 13 btw.

Can you even follow all that?

lol lol lol

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2 thoughts on “If this is middle school, wtf is high school going to be like???

  1. My friend has a 13 year old and he sort of overnight lost all his liberal cool dad cred when he started freaking out – and not hiding it as well as he thought he was- that his kid was “suddenly” identifying as … I think pansexual (though more likely she’s not ready to say lesbian for social reasons. I mean, he’s fine with her loving who she loves, but he has a real problem with her no longer being 4. That said, I would bet he would kill for demisexual as it’s more or less what our parents would have told us the appropriate sexual relationship is.

    • It’s sort of funny…I asked Frey if she knew what demisexual was, because I honestly had no clue, and she was like, “ummmm…i think she’s gay but not ready to be out or something.” I was thinking I’m pretty sure that’s not it, and then I read the definition on my own and I was like oh this is good. This is what we want at this age. Lol.
      I mostly find it interesting how much they throw out terms (that they usually don’t even understand) and try on identities at this age. Being 13 is hard, I at least remember that much.

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