On a different labor day

6 years ago we went to a local winery, and got quite drunk.

Look how young we were!

(My hair was at about four months regrowth post-chemo. It’s weird to see it so short, though I do miss how easy it was to deal with).

We had a lot of fun that day. Except for the part where D’s ex went off on him via text. But that’s just all part of the story now: remember when we got wasted at the winery and then K yelled at us. That was a good day!


(His ex yelling at him/us for having fun became a common theme over the years. Luckily, that has mostly died down).

We were thinking about going back to the winery this year, but I think I need an alcohol break. We’ve hit it hard three nights in a row. So the current plan is to go shopping this afternoon, which is another favorite Labor Day activity. I’m always in the mood to shop.

But I may need a nap first. I’m on the struggle bus today.

My ex just picked up Jackson, so we are without kids until Wednesday night. Who knows what we’ll get into…

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