caffeine and contemplation

– i bought myself a huge fountain coke zero on my way down to the jeffco office. it’s almost gone. fuck.

– why do the shortest weeks sometimes feel like the longest?

– shit changes so quickly: now my kid will be out of town for five days with his dad to go to a funeral in Texas.

– is my partner mad at me (and therefore ignoring me) or are we talking again? the answer changes on a daily basis; sometimes multiple times per day. we seem to currently be speaking again.

– for the record, i am talking to him regardless. in fact, i’m acting like i don’t even know he’s mad. lol.

– i’m having a hard time not rolling my eyes and sighing about various things today.

– mostly shit clients say.

– my husband sends me pics when he’s done with his personal training and god damn. mama like.

– we have dinner plans with N & N tonight at our neighborhood pub. yay!

– there will also be booze, sex, weed, and TNG on the evening agenda.

– my clients are driving me fucking crazy today.

– i’m grateful that i get to work from home tomorrow.

– lawyer game night is Sat night, and I am *not* looking forward to it. it’s a whole fucking ordeal and can we just not please. thankfully, a few of my good lawyer pals will be there, which will make it better. D has elected to stay home (i don’t blame him – i gave him the option and he took it) and i am super envious.

– i don’t want to socialize with the judge. that makes me uncomfortable. judges are not real people. lol.

– one more consultation to go and then i’m outtie.


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