Lolkay so…

Tonight we got drunk with Nick and Nancy on the rooftop of our neighborhood pub (so now I can’t stop singing Rooftop by DMB), and Nancy told me something interesting.

Apparently, her friend, Jen, who I’ve hung with a few times, is friends with my ex-husband’s gf. My ex and his gf have been dating for like 3+ years. So apparently Abby (my ex’s gf), saw that I was Facebook friends with Jen, and asked her for the scoop on me.

Jen doesn’t know me well, so I’m sure that wasn’t very informative. Still, it was interesting to hear about. Especially since the only thing Abby seems to know is that I cheated on G. (How convenient that he didn’t choose to tell her the entire story…you know, the one where he and K aren’t saints… Not many people know that story). Anyway, Abby and I have only interacted like two or three times ever, so I’m not surprised she’s curious about me. I would be, too, under the circumstances.

Lol. This is so gossipy. 😆

Btw, she should break up with him. She’s only 29 (don’t get me started) so she has time to turn shit around. lol lol lol

Sorry, not sorry.

In my defense, I’m drunk high and chatty.

You’re welcome!

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