Wtf happened?

The annual law update ended around 5:30 pm, and I was so happy to be done with it.

But then the night went downhill.

  • I got a frustrating call from my ex about our son.
  • During that call, Bismarck puked on my bedroom carpet. It was neon orange and smelled like the pits of hell.
  • I vomited.
  • I had to clean a toilet, and then the cat’s litter box.
  • Then I had a very bad shopping experience, which ended with me yelling at the teenaged cashier and bag boy.
  • When I got to my car, my ex called again, ugh, and told me something else that upset me, except that it’s partially my own fault, which just makes it that much worse. Grrr.

I came home and vented all over my husband. He gave me many drinks, and now I feel happy again.

The end. ❤️

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