it feels forced

Blogging right now is hard for me. Not sure why. I hope that stops.

It was a delightfully dark and stormy morning. Perfect for sleeping in, but of course my body refused to cooperate. IT’S FINE. lol.

It’s not fine.

It’s just now noon, and the rain is subsiding. I may venture out in a bit to do some fall decor shopping. I need a table runner for the table in the foyer. I’m going for a bit of a different look this year. Previously, I used the same burgandy runner for both fall and winter, but I’m not about that life anymore.

It’s a good day for a lazy day though, and the pull of the sofa is strong. I wouldn’t mind curling up with a movie. I finished all six seasons of SATC, so now I want to watch the two movies.

There are a couple of movies out that I want to see while they are still in theaters: It (2) and Good Boys. We’ll see if I get around to it. I probably won’t. Except for It. Frey and I will go see that.

I realized this morning that starting on Friday, we will have Freya with us for 11 days! I’m excited about this.

I miss Jackson. I don’t know if I’m getting him back Wednesday night or Friday night. He’s down in Texas with his dad for his great-grandmother’s funeral. Even though I’m currently frustrated with him about a few things, I miss him and I want him to come home.

I didn’t say much about lawyer game night in my previous post, so I will do so here. It was more fun than I was expecting. I loosened up after a couple of drinks. I hung with some friends, made some new friends, and did a bunch of networking. It was definitely worth going to, though I missed a precious Saturday night with my husband. Boo to that. I didn’t get home until around 1 am, and my man was asleep on the couch. He stirred for a smoke and a bang though. I was up for a while after he finally passed out, and then I woke before him this morning, because my body fucking hates me.

The only weird part of lawyer game night was interacting with a colleague who isn’t shy about me knowing he has a big crush on me. It was borderline creepy at times. He was wasted and kept telling me how awesome, nice, funny, smart, and pretty I am. I mean…that’s very nice and all, but fuuuuuuck, dude. Chill out.

What’s funny is that I do not feel even a little bit attractive today, despite all of that ^^ mess. I have yet another zit. I don’t feel well. I feel frumpy, and meh. Such is life. Some days you’ve got it, some days you don’t.

I’m not ready to contemplate a new week. I need one more day please.

More later. Maybe.

Oh look – the sun is trying to come out.

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