Monday recap

  • The first half of the day was stressful and sucktastic.
  • The second half was actually pretty productive.
  • I left around 4:15 to pick up Bizzy and Freya. We didn’t get home until 6. UGH. Traffic was fucked.
  • D and I snuck off for a little sexy time.
  • D, Frey, and I had a nice dinner where we got caught up with all the things.
  • Various plans were made. I’m hopeful that our Thursday night plan is going to work out.
  • I started 21 Day Fix (Real Time). It kicked my ass, but I burned a lot of calories. I also logged everything in the Lose It app today, including my weight. Trying to get back to good tracking habits. I’m 235 calories below goal today.
  • A second shower was taken because I was a sweaty mess.
  • Laundry was folded.
  • I’m now in bed. I’ll probably read until I fall asleep. I have a very early morning tomorrow. Sad face.
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