two sleeps to go

Things are hectic and stressful right now. I’m worried my poor husband is going to have a nervous breakdown, and I currently have a tension headache that is out of this fucking world…ugh. Adulting is hard.

BUT…in the spirit of work hard, play hard: we are doing a little staycation Thursday night. Everything came to together to allow us to spend a night in the city at our favorite hotel. We’re boarding the dog so we don’t have to worry about getting home to him, and I got my Friday morning hearing covered, so we can sleep in (relatively speaking) the next morning. I’m very much looking forward to hitting up our favorite city spots and blowing off some steam. I’m overwhelmed with awesome options! Where should we go??

Once upon a time, upon committing to suburbia, we seriously considered renting a second place in the city. Getting a dog complicated all of that, but last night we decided there is no reason why we can’t do this staycation idea once a month or so. The hotel and boarding is certainly way less expensive than renting an actual apartment.

Cannot wait. <3

And now…back to reality. This day is kind of kicking my ass.


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