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  • Catching up with Ann & Rob last night was nice. It had been a while since we hung just the four of us. I love that they are the type of friends we can tell anything to without judgment. There were some confessions last night. lol
  • #vagueblogging
  • I had a lunch date with KC this afternoon. We were short on time, because of my shitty court schedule, so we walked over to Wildflower. I hadn’t been there in several years. It was a blast from the past! Just walking through the doors brought back so many good memories. B&A (my law firm) used to have lots of gatherings there back in the good old days. D and I also have a lot of early relationship memories there.
  • I do have one bad memory from a night spent at Wildflower. It involved a friend’s boyfriend locking himself into the bathroom with me and attempting to have his way. I try not to think about that. For obvious reasons.
  • No means no, motherfucker.
  • Back to happy things: tonight is our overnight city date night. I am so fucking pumped for this.
  • Today’s #alphabetfashion prompt is “L,” and I happen to have some lingerie in my overnight bag, so it feels meant to be. Or I may chicken out and take a pic of something else. haha
  • It’s Taste of Saint Louis weekend, which means that downtown is FUCKED. Several major streets are closed. There is nowhere to park. This is not good. I went down to hit up city muni court this afternoon, and couldn’t find a parking spot within a mile’s walk. Fuck all of that.
  • That situation reminded me of something I’ve been considering: I think I want to buy a second pair of black Rothy’s, and then put the older pair in my car for situations where I’m unexpectedly stuck walking over a mile in heels.
  • Oh and I’m trying something new next week! I have an accupuncture appointment on Tuesday. KC swears it will help with my hot flashes, so I figured I’d give it a try. It can’t hurt, right? Well…it will probably hurt, but you know what I mean. Lol.
  • Pics or it didn’t happen!
  • Alrighty – back to work. Just a few hours to go.
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