friday the 13th fuckery and fails…oh my

I forgot to remind my ex that today is picture day, so I can only imagine wtf Jackson is wearing today.  Major mom fail!

The only upside is that it should motivate me to finally set up the professional photographer to take family pics.

Oh and speaking of not good things, this morning my favorite pin, the vintage pearl heart brooch, lost a pearl! I was able to find it, and hopefully I can glue it back in, but booooo. I fucking love that brooch! So that’s a project for this weekend I guess. One of my earrings broke this morning too – wtf?! Must be those Friday the 13th, full moon vibes.

Speaking of Friday the 13th, I am currently trying to convince my husband to watch a horror movie with me tonight. I know Freya will be into it. Ooh maybe Frey and I can go see It this weekend. Idk though…we have so much going on as it is. But that’s another post entirely (that I already have in drafts so maybe I should go post it now).

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