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Okay so I’m phoning it in a bit today, but it’s Sunday…cut me some slack.

Currently waiting for this to start:

It looks hilarious. We’re excited.

Yes, I take my kids to rated R movies. I don’t believe in censoring them from shit. Live and learn, baby.

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4 thoughts on “photo a day | o (is for outfit of the day/out and about)

  1. We liked it much more than we expected (with the exception of the highway scene which seemed unnecessary and a little dangerous). But even if not, we generally fall into the camp of a mediocre night at the movies is better than a great night at home doing dishes – or similar.

      • And kind of only there for the trailer. Which I get, but it just didn’t need to be there and is socially a bit irresponsible. That said, the teen girls were surprisingly great. The reality of the school coolkid being someone who adults would look at and go “really? That one?” but having so much social power. The music teacher… which like 75% of schools have that guy in the theater/music departments.

        • That music teacher is so much like Jackson’s music teacher. I laughed so hard when I saw him. What a douche.

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