Mama ain’t playing anymore

Yet another night spent yelling at my kids for not doing their fucking homework.

They aren’t going to like where this is headed. Jackson’s iPad has already been confiscated, and don’t think I won’t take Freya’s iPhone and replace it with a fucking flip phone.

These spoiled kids have no fucking idea the shit storm that will rain down upon them if they don’t get their motherfucking shit together.

I guess this is life with a teen and a tween? Oh yay.

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2 thoughts on “Mama ain’t playing anymore

  1. As a middle aged non-parent, I’m always so struck by how parenting is different for folks today than it was for my parents. I mean, my parents were glad that I was doing well in school. But, ultimately they had no freakin’ idea what was going on in my life – and were glad of that. It’s odd how well the huge guilt trips they laid on me as a toddler carried over into teens and adulthood. I mean, they’d never have noticed if I totally collapsed, but somehow their apathy still managed to work.

    Hang in. Take a nap. Breathe deep. Go on a walk. And then take away everything that makes them smile and threaten to bring back the medieval shit our parents would have done to us if we’d acted similarly.

    I believe there was talk of a wood shed, manual labor… ditches somehow were involved… livestock. I mean, I grew up in the rural south. It’s still pretty medieval. But, after that… self-medicate is what I’m saying.

  2. I kinda love this. It’s cliché but one day they, or at least the people around them, will thank you. No entitled (whatever comes after) millennial bullshit in the R-A house!

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