family ties

My thoughts on the family overnighter?

I’m glad they came down, and I’m glad they’re now gone. (They fucking high tailed it out of here quite early to drive two hours to their shitty cult church. Ugh…I don’t understand.)

That may seem harsh, but I don’t mean it to be. I actually had a good time. I talked with my brother-in-law more than ever, and I didn’t shy away from disagreeing with him, which he seemed to like. D and I stayed up chatting with him until like 2 am or so.

Things with my sister-in-law were fine. We drank a bunch of wine and had easy conversation. It’s always sort of weird though, because of her friendship with D’s ex. She openly admits it’s weird for her, which I can appreciate. That said, I kind of don’t give a fuck, like it is well fucking past time for you to get the fuck over it. IT HAS BEEN OVER SEVEN YEARS. I don’t give a fuck that you’re still close. Good for you. I’m not trying to replace her. I’m not even trying to be friends. I’m just trying to get through the fucking night.

D’s entire family has such a fucking hard on for his ex, except his brother, who doesn’t like her. The entire dynamic is just so strange. And I’m tired of discussing it, honestly. We always have to rehash how D is like black listed now because he married me, and last night, after several drinks, I just started telling everyone what I really thought about all that. I believe the phrase, “Your parents are fucking assholes,” came out of my mouth at one point.

Oh and I apparently outed D as a former swinger. But whatever. I’m tired of tiptoeing around why his previous marriage fell apart.

So anyway, the point is, I took the gloves off last night, and I feel good about it. I also feel a tiny bit hungover. Lol.

Oh and it sounds like we’re doing it again for Christmas, so it obviously didn’t go too poorly. I’ll be sure to have lots of wine on hand. 😊

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