a line in the sand (and such)

  • I’ve been up since before the sun, and I am tired.
  • I spent my morning sitting in a room where ignorant trash ranted about how Trump just can’t get a fair shake.
  • Today I heard all about a dude’s experience in prison, and his subsequent woes. It was sort of like an old country song. He’s actually a nice dude, though.
  • Then a bit later, an old lady screamed at me that I “can’t tell her what to do” because I explained to her that she couldn’t pick and choose which creditors to include in her bankruptcy filing. She was like, “Nobody’s gonna tell me I have to give up Sears and JCPenney.” I was like lol okay then. I don’t care. *shrugs* So she ended up leaving.
  • To be fair, she did start off the conversation by telling me that she had just gotten released from psych.
  • I’m drawing boundaries here, there, and everywhere. It feels good as fuck, but certain people are def on the struggle bus. lol. Whatever. It should have happened ages ago.
  • I’ve said no quite a lot today.
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2 thoughts on “a line in the sand (and such)

  1. “Nobody’s gonna tell me I have to give up Sears” is definitely a chiron running on local news under a newscaster pointing out that Sears is shutting down all over the country.

    • I lol’d. I told this bitch that Sears isn’t even really a thing anymore, but she wasn’t having it.

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