A long, hard, frustrating, sad day, and I am second guessing everything I did and said, but I’m also going to need at least another day to figure out my game plan. You know I just need a little more time before I burn my entire professional life down. *lol sob* As my husband just told me, “You must resist the urge to do that thing that Jenn does, you know…pull the band-aid right off. We need another day.” He’s right. We do. I need more time to get my shit together.

Anyway…because people asked:

I’m okay.

We aren’t getting divorced. Lol. This is not a marriage problem.

Oh and I’m drunk, because fucking DUH, BRO.

Pics aren’t flattering, I know, and exactly zero fucks are given. I mean, except I cared enough to mention it. Lol…fuuuuuuuuck.

Like the title says: IT HAS BEEN A DAY.

I will eventually tell you more. Bear with me. It’s a process.

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One thought on “IT HAS BEEN A DAY

  1. I am now for some reason waiting to hear on Sunday night HBO, “Welcome, welcome, welcome to Last Week Tonight. I’m John Oliver. Just time for a quick recap, I have had A DAY and I am Very Drunk.”

    As the aphorism goes, Do No Harm. But, Take No Shit.

    Also, take two aspirin and a large glass of water.

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