about last night: viewpoints

Last night we went to see Freya perform in her school’s fall production, Viewpoints, which was a series of monologues designed to portray various viewpoints on different issues. Freya portrayed a teacher who wanted to establish a stricter dress code for students. She did a great job.

Photo credit goes to her mom. D and I had to sit further back, due to ridiculously bad traffic. I just love thunderstorms during rush hour. Oh and then my umbrella broke, so I was soaked by the time I got inside. Fun times.

After the show, D and I went out for dinner/drinks. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I was hangry. Then we went home and watched Tapestry (so good) and a documentary called Man’s First Friend, which I really enjoyed, though I did fall asleep at a certain point. It’s about the evolution of dogs. Even Bismarck was watching! Oh and my husband subscribed to a documentary channel called Curiosity (because of course he did – that’s Classic Dave ❤️).

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