in the blink of an eye…

everything changes.

For a long list of reasons that I cannot get into here, I am holding onto my cases, and fighting for what’s mine. I just created a new business entity, which will get to work first thing tomorrow.


I am stressed beyond any other stress ever, and I feel like I’m going to stroke out at any moment.

I am so fucking grateful for my amazing support group. My husband, my friends, the lawyers (who are also friends, but deserve their own mention because they have stepped up in a BIG way the last couple of days, like one even called in a favor from another attorney on my behalf).

I feel very loved. Well with the exception of he who shall remain nameless. He hates my fucking guts right now, and has been gaslighting me all fucking afternoon.

I will be the bigger person.  I will not engage. What’s the point? I’ve let him drag me down for too long already.

I don’t know what is going to happen. I am scared shitless. I might still fail…fall flat on my face. But at least I will stand up on my own first, and see what I’m made of. I should have done this years ago, and I feel like such an idiot for allowing this nonsense to go on as long as it did.


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