Happy Anniversary List

  • I’ve been awake since around 4:30 am. I am done.
  • It’s 10:04 pm now.
  • It has been a fucking Monday.
  • Already dreaming of the weekend.
  • It’s Halloween party weekend!! ❤️
  • More people are finding out about The Situation. It has been interesting…the reactions.
  • We are watching The Tudors, and D and I have decided that, in our situation, I’m “the scandal of Christendom.”
  • His parents do refer to me as “the floozy” after all.
  • That makes me giggle.

The bullets stopped working because WordPress is fucking stupid. Eat me.

I took a break, and now I’m back. It’s 10:21 pm now.

I just took a big old hit. That’s the #1 perk of being self employed: no random drug testing.

I think of it as a Xanax + Ambien combo.

Oh!! Bismarck, aka the most beautiful boy ever, has been chosen to be one of the “12 Dogs of Christmas” at his daycare. I have to take him to a photo shoot on 11/10. My boy is a model!!

It’s 10:42 now (another break). I feel so relaxed right now. We’re currently discussing our wedding vows. Prior, we talked about which friends we want to fuck. That’s always a fun one.

Okay 10:52 here now. I need to go. Oh but I may post some pics.

Anniversary Pic 2019.

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  1. wedding vows + friends (we want to fuck) + photos (of Cat People… I mean, I’m of an age to have feelings about the 1982 film). Some nights postings are more than others… lol.

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