you’d be amazed

…at how many people think they can call up here and get free legal advice over the phone. They get so irrationally angry when we tell them no.

It’s the weirdest thing. My experience has taught me that few people believe that my knowledge and expertise are things that are worthy of compensation. I often find myself having to ask people: do you work for free?

Another favorite is when I give them an answer to a question they asked, but they don’t like that answer, so then they yell at me like I created the laws/rules.

I spent yesterday afternoon at a judicial conference at Wash U Law School. There were many law students in attendance, and a part of me wanted to tell all of them to get out while they still could. They were asking questions about how we (the practicing attorneys) liked our jobs, and I just kept laughing in response.

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One thought on “you’d be amazed

  1. It’s the thing. Everyone thinks you should get all the knowledge, learn all the skills, make all the money… but give it to them for free. Because is it really something so special that you can charge for it? It’s the case with every graphic designer, lawyer, tech support dude, writer, musician, doctor. So very freakin’ true. Of course, I’m going for a checkup next week and the doc will say, “you should exercise more and eat and drink less” and my response will be, “really? Are you sure?”

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