boring bullets

  • It feels good to just be. We’re at home. Alone. We made pad thai again, but with shrimp instead of chicken, and it was even better this time. We watched a few episodes of The Tudors. Super fucking chill night.
  • My gallbladder is being nicer today. I found out it likes peppermint tea. I’m about to have some actually.
  • I also ordered the apple cider vinegar gummies tonight. I drank some mixed in apple juice last night, and it was awful. I don’t know if the gummies will help in the same way, but I’ve been wanting to try them anyway. Seems like the right time.
  • Wow. I just talked a lot about my gallbladder. You might be middle aged if…
  • I received an email from my former business partner this evening. I feel a bit sick whenever I see one. I know it’s unrealistic that I can get through this transition without interacting with him, but I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t prefer it. It’s actually worse that he’s being nice to me; helpful even. It’s easier when I can be mad.
  • My husband started blogging again today, and that makes me happy. It’s the little things! I like reading his thoughts.
  • I’m considering another fashion challenge in November. FMS is doing another rainbow month!
  • It’s time to get back to being me.
  • I’m just so tired all the time anymore. And busy. But I’m finding my stride. Once I get my current ailment under control, I need to get this ass back to the gym. Yes, I’d like to look better, but it’s more important at this point to simply be healthier.
  • I feel like there was more to say, but I can’t remember right now.
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