lawyer mom

Tonight has been a good night with the teen. She has been especially talkative; I think partially because she’s excited about tomorrow afternoon. I’m going in tomorrow to help out in Spectra, the gifted kids program, by lecturing about crim law. The kids are doing a mock trial, and I get to be the expert. Tomorrow I’m popping in to teach them about burden of proof and reasonable doubt. She seems really excited about it. The teacher made them interview for their roles at trial, and she applied to be the defense attorney because I “make it seem fun and interesting.” That made me really happy. It’s nice to know that she actually listens to me when I talk.

Tomorrow should be fun. I’m hoping he’ll let me come back later to watch the actual trial. I love mock trials. Trial Practice was my favorite class in law school.

I’m totally going to nerd out. It already happened on the drive home tonight. I love talking about the law.

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