friday fuckery

  • It’s November. Wow.
  • First day of Christmas. Lol.
  • I hate that my body wakes me up at 5:40 am pretty much all the time anymore.
  • I’m happy it’s Friday, but I’m also annoyed it’s Friday, because there is a lot of court today. First ESTL BK then STL BK.
  • We got high last night and watched Office Space. It was fun.
  • Oh and I initiated an epic fuck. I have photographic evidence.
  • Speaking of photos, I’m going to do the FMS photo a day challenge this month. It’s rainbow month! I was going to go for a fashion spin, but I’ve decided not to limit myself. Some of the colors are too much.
  • I got out of bed earlier, saw that my hair and makeup still looked good, and so I got back into bed, where I am currently. I’m going to rock second day hair and makeup today. I could just get to the office super early, but…meh. I’ll take the extra bed time.
  • I have a really nice treadmill at the office that we’re going to bring to the house. Then we will have two treadmills at home, and we’ll be able to run together all winter. I love this idea.
  • I’m also going to move my office from the sun room to the small conference room. I need a change of scenery; a fresh start.
  • I watched a movie yesterday called The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and that shit was fucked up!! Recommended. Haha.
  • I also finally watched the trailer for Midsommar, and I want to watch it this weekend.
  • We were supposed to be seeing Peter Hook in Chicago tonight, but we decided not to go. I’m okay with that decision. I’m tired.
  • We have Christmas plans with D’s brother’s family now. The kids will be pleased. I guess I should reach out to my family to set something up with them. I have to make sure Freya can be there this year. Last year it fell on her mom’s birthday, and she was upset.
  • When I get home today, I need to run. No excuses.
  • I guess I should get up?
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