oh yes…that’s why

is what I thought today when I noticed that my former business partner never bothered to change the firm’s address in his email signature, despite the fact that we moved almost 18 months ago.

That’s why this had to happen. That’s why I am better off.

Those little things, which may seem insignificant on their own, turned into a mountain of bitterness and resentment over time. It drove me crazy how little he cared, because I cared, and still do. So. Much.

It was like death by a thousand paper cuts.

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One thought on “oh yes…that’s why

  1. This sort of thing makes me crazy… I’ve got a client – that I love- that also can’t name a file according to the pattern we’ve established to save their life. This is a minor thing, of course, but it’s not a hard system and that they can’t do it is both 1) sad and 2) like grit in my eyeball because it makes everything we do to track changes over time so much harder.

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