A list of fuckery

  • It’s cold as fuck.
  • I cannot begin to properly convey how fucking sick I am of being in my car.
  • And how sick I am of douchebags, which is particularly unfortunate considering my profession.
  • Oh and night court. Fuck night court. Gotta go again tonight. And next Tuesday. And, and, and…
  • Jackson’s school decided to do a late start day because of the weather, which is way more inconvenient for me than canceling. It’s not like I can call and request a late start at court! Since Freya’s school was canceled, I decided Jackson got a snow day too. Fuck it.
  • I will say: I’m looking forward to no kids tonight. I need a break.
  • I just realized that I’m grumpy. I wasn’t grumpy when I woke up.
  • It’s only 10:30 am. I probably won’t get home until almost 8 pm. It’s going to be a long day.
  • I have nothing nice to say.
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