musical shit

My photo album on my phone is filled with pics I’ve taken of songs from the radio or various playlists; songs that are new to me and some oldies that I forgot about.

For example, yesterday I heard this, and was impressed:

I don’t normally like Jane’s Addiction, but this cover of Sympathy For The Devil was pretty sweet.

And then I heard another new song during Tom Morello’s show, which was awesome. I intend to dig into this band some more:

This morning I heard these two jams, and I was like oh yes, I love these songs:

I spent the rest of my commute listening to The Black Crowes. They got back together and are touring in 2020, which I’m excited about. I’m trying to see if I have any friends who are into them, because my husband…is not. Lol.

Also super stoked for the Rage Against The Machine tour. That’s a must see.

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