let’s spice this blog up a bit… (tmi alert)

I think we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. haha

Last night, a former swinger hook-up sent me a video of his wife getting double teamed, and was like, “This could be you if you would just throw out a date.” So I ran to show D, and he was like hell yes, so a date has been given. Dude was like, “Oh so now I have your attention…” Yes. Yes, you do. We’ve been messaging about hooking up again for months now, but D and I have been on an extended break from the lifestyle. Also, life has just been crazy and complicated the last couple of years. There is never any time. All the weekends are always accounted for…etc.

We have something else in the works, too, with another couple. Should be a good time.

Life is short. Be a ho.


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