It used to be that whenever we would get Freya for Thanksgiving (or Christmas) her mom would cry at drop off/pick up. I’m so grateful that’s not a thing anymore. I picked Frey up this morning at her mom’s house, and while our interaction was awkward, as usual, there were no tears.

I was reminded of all that today for some reason. Maybe it was the hitch in her voice when I asked what her plans were for the holiday. It’s hard not to have your kid(s) for every holiday, so I definitely empathize. Even when you have other fun plans, you still miss them like crazy. I’m thankful for these odd numbered years where we get them for all the major holidays and birthdays. Not that D and I don’t have fun with our adults-only holidays, because we certainly do.

I didn’t have to interact with my ex this morning, and for that I am also grateful. He still gets really mopey around the holidays. Not too long ago, after this last snow day, Freya asked me why my ex won’t come up to the door when he picks Jackson up. I was like oh he’s still kind of upset about our divorce, and then jokingly said, “I guess I’m hard to get over,” and she very sincerely replied, “Yes, that makes sense.” 💙

I am officially on holiday break now, and I am happy thrilled. I ran to pick up some last minute groceries, made lunch for myself and the kids, and am now in bed, where I plan to stay until my husband gets home with the booze. I have my Kindle, and a fat cat with me – all that’s missing is wine.

I do still need to go back out to buy a topper for the big tree. Our giant, gorgeous Victorian Santa just doesn’t want to cooperate this year. He will have to be repurposed because he is my favorite:

I do intend to exercise at some point…later. I’m going to soak up some lazy right now. I had a hellish court hearing this morning, and my head is pounding.

When I was walking into the bedroom to get into bed, I told the kids they had to leave me alone for at least one hour. Lol. I may try to nap this headache away.

Today, at court, my client asked to see a pic of my dog, and as I opened my photo album, I was immediately confronted by pics of myself naked and/or fucking D, so I was like yeah maybe not. Lol.

Speaking of my client, he had the worst breath I have ever smelled, and I had to endure it for over an hour so that probably explains the headache.

I looked cute today. Too cute for Wentzville that’s for sure.

Oh and I have an updated kitten pic to share:

Mine is the little gray one. ❤️

I bought holiday roses while at the store earlier, because why not? They make me happy.

All the books I want to read don’t come out until December 1. Boo!! I have a TBR pile, but I’m in the mood for a very specific type of novel.

We are going to finish up The Man in the High Castle tonight, and I’m so pumped to see how it all ends! I bet I’ll be sad too, though. A few years back, we finished The Sopranos on Thanksgiving Eve, and I spent all of Thanksgiving Day legitimately depressed over Tony’s death and just the fact that it was over. I fucking loved that show. History may repeat itself.

Man, this entry is all over the place. I guess I’ll stop here for now. More later. Maybe.

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