It’s somehow only Saturday

Thanksgiving week always feels crazy long. I’m not complaining! I’m pumped for two more days to chill. My work week is going to be a fucking grind. December is a super busy month for me. Almost every day is accounted for already.

Yesterday was a super lazy day, with the exception of hot yoga, which kicked my ass. I bought a new member pass, so I get unlimited visits to the studio this month. I bought a very nice yoga mat and towel. I’m ready to try on my yoga chick persona. Lol.

The kids both left for the weekend yesterday, so it’s just D and me at the house. We watched The Irishman, started the newest season of The Good Place, and eventually ventured out for dinner. Then we got high and played our music video game challenge thingy: one person picks the band, and the other picks the song, then we watch the video. We enjoy this very much and did it for quite some time (I lost track). I think the weirdest song ended up being Panama. That video…

Today we are heading over to N&N’s house for their family Thanksgiving. They invite a few of their closest friends as well, and we made the invite list, which is really sweet. I’m bringing Jenn’s Famous Bacon Wrapped Green Beans. 🤣 Seriously though, these things are fucking good.

Tonight a bunch of us are heading to The Grove to see some bands play, and there may be group sexy time afterwards. N&N are way dtf.

I never got to shop yesterday (except online) but maybe tomorrow. Fuck…I get another day of this! Woot.

I better get up and start working on those green beans. It’s a glamorous life I lead. 🤣🤣🤣

I think I want pumpkin pie for breakfast.


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