I feel…

Kind of awful to be honest.

It’s sort of amazing that something as small as a tooth can cause so many fucking problems.

This particular tooth has been troublesome for years. I’ve been plagued with dental problems most of my life due to inadequate dental care as a child. When you’re poor, dentists are a luxury, and it’s one my parents couldn’t afford.

Random memory alert:

When I was around 11, I broke a molar and the dentist put in a temporary spacer to keep my teeth from shifting. Well nine years later, it was still in my mouth, and started causing problems. The dentist I saw in Los Angeles went on this big rant about how irresponsible this was, and I was like I’m fucking sorry for being poor, you asshole. I needed a bridge put in, which cost like $2000. I didn’t have $2k. I cried. Then my boyfriend’s father, who would one day become my father-in-law, swooped in and paid it for me. I didn’t even ask him- I’d never ever have asked. I remember trying to pay him back. I sent him little bits of money here and there – for months – and then one day he simply gave it all back to me. ❤️

I figure I have a root canal or possibly an extraction in my future this week. This is definitely going to fuck up my entire week though.

Fun times.

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  1. He was lucky to have very kind and generous parents. It’s really too bad he didn’t appreciate or harness the possibilities.

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