faking it/not quite making it

This is what I wore to go see my doctor. It just felt like a hat day. Sometimes I like to be extra – just because.

I still feel not well. But I think at this point it’s mostly side effects from the antibiotics killing everything, both the good and the bad. I bought some probiotics to offset all of that. Hopefully.

More medical updates:

The tooth will be dealt with Thursday morning. I’m hoping for a root canal. An extraction will be a whole fucking ordeal.

The boobs will be swapped out on January 24th. My doc had a lot of great shit to say. She thinks that I’ll be much more comfortable after, and also happier with their appearance. Can’t wait. And it’s outpatient this time, because no fat grafting, though I will have drains again. Ugggghhhhh drains suck balls.

I have questions –

Is 5:30 too early to go to bed? Do I really have to make dinner? Can I just drink my dinner instead? Can I shoot tequila while taking narcotics? Can I make a living playing Candy Crush? Why do people go to law school?

lol lol lol

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2 thoughts on “faking it/not quite making it

  1. You’re having one of those weeks where I find myself gesticulating wildly and doing my best Bad Santa Billy Bob impression as I yell at … whatever… “Are you fuckin’ with me?! Seriously, are you fuckin’ with me?!”

    Hang in there. You’ll feel better soon… just in time to make an entrance into the Roarin’ And Hopefully Progressive, Fair, and Just while still being fun ’20s.

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