what-the-fuck-ever, dude

I’m in a weird mood today. I’m kind of annoyed with everything. It’s been a lot of fuckery. For example, I had a 64 year old man almost cry in my office this afternoon, because he doesn’t get that you can’t give your fiance $25,000.00 and then file bankruptcy on your debts a few months later. That’s a huge fucking problem. I just don’t understand the disconnect here. You whining to me about how it isn’t fair isn’t even remotely compelling. You had $25k. You owe $14k in debt. You could have paid it off and had money leftover. What even is this fuckery? How are people this fucking dumb??

I also had to deal with some swinger drama. Nothing too terrible, but still annoying. It’s resolved now, thankfully. I don’t have time for that bullshit. Once it gets complicated, I’m gonna bail. This is supposed to be fun.

I’ve been dreaming about going back to bed since my alarm went off this morning. I stayed in bed 45 minutes later than I intended to, because I had no energy, and no motivation.

I have several people emailing me questions I’ve already fucking answered. Some motherfuckers are going to be getting responses that start out with: per my last email…

Jesus fuck, bro.

Tomorrow morning is my dental appointment and I’m both scared and absolutely ready. I’m so ready to put this behind me. Fingers crossed for a root canal.

I’m not working tomorrow because of the dental shit. I’m thinking about popping on my Gmail out of office message and sleeping ALL FUCKING DAY once I’m done with the dental stuff. Everybody can fucking suck it.

I should probably force myself to work though since I’m sure the dentist will charge me thousands of dollars. I should have been a fucking dentist. *lol sob*

I’m taking my kid out for dinner tonight. I’m wondering if I can talk him into burritos. Burritos make everything better.

D is taking Freya to some school event, and I’m thankful my presence is not required. Given my mood, I might cut a bitch or three. These events are always full of middle aged, know it all, spazz-tastic cunts, and I just can’t today.

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  1. Holy crap – and here I am, sitting at home while having a few days off, worrying about nothing more than if it will be cold when I go out shopping later πŸ™‚

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