Sunday Seven: it’s been a while

  1. Today was a snow day. More of the same tomorrow. The commute will be fucking horrible. I bet it takes two hours to get to court. šŸ˜­
  2. I’m so bad at sexting or even being sexy. I don’t do sexy. I’m too awkward to be sexy.
  3. I don’t know how to relax anymore.
  4. I’ve cut way back on drinking recently. I don’t crave it as much anymore, and I dislike the all too frequent three day hangovers after only like two drinks. Pass.
  5. I go back and forth between finding myself quite attractive or a hideous troll beast. There is no middle ground. Lol. Today is a beast kinda day.
  6. I’m behind. In everything.
  7. Keep on swimming.
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