*off prompt*

The prompt for today is confetti. I could have whipped up some funfetti cupcakes, since I have a box of cakemix in the pantry, but why torture myself?

So instead you get a pic from tonight’s D&D campaign: Dragon Heist.

I have to admit, tonight was a bit tough for me. The teen is all about being contrary, because she thinks it’s cute and funny, but really it’s just annoying as fuck. The tween means well, and loves to play, but he doesn’t pay attention/gets all spazzy, which is frustrating. It doesn’t help that I was hungover, and going through carb withdrawals, meaning I had very little patience for their nonsense.

Maybe next time will be better. D put a lot of energy into this adventure, and I think we sort of ruined it for him.

I think we should get a new adult group going. J & M told us they’d love to play. I know C & J are down. And RZ. The truth is: I just don’t like playing D&D with kids. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  1. Long term DND with kids is tricky I’d guess. I mean, great for isolated one or two shots, but not week to week. Too much pressure on a DM to come up with the scenario to then have someone decide that it would be more fun to roll Save Vs Poison while trying to light their farts with a cantrip before collapsing into gales of laughter. I mean, sure, fun… but not a way to do long term collaborative storytelling in my experience. I haven’t found a group to play with since college, but always think I will… Much fun, great memories.

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