i’m tired –

  • of gallbladder attacks
  • of insomnia
  • of sunday night anxiety
  • of going to court all the fucking time
  • of work in general
  • of my clothes
  • of socializing
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4 thoughts on “i’m tired –

  1. Oops. Didn’t see this before I sent the text about dinner tomorrow. 😂 We can postpone if you need a people break.

  2. I’m with you… let’s get rid of that gallbladder (mine doesn’t hate me the way some organs do, but I don’t trust the fucker), ban anxiety, more than one court appearance in a day (look, I can only be convicted of so many things), and embrace non-social nudism. Er… wait, I might have misunderstood that last bit. But, regardless I’m on board with being tired of many things.

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