2:32 am

We’ve been at the ER since 11:45 pm. I started having intense chest pains as well as pain and tingling in my left arm – classic heart attack signs – so we came in (knowing it was unlikely to be an actual heart attack, but you can’t fuck around with that shit).

No heart issues. We’re doing a few more tests to rule out some other stuff. They have suggested several gastrointestinal issues that could be the cause. I just drank Maalox laced with lidocaine and now I feel weird. Well…weirder. I already felt cray because I took a sleeping pill and then wasn’t able to actually go to bed. Oof.

I have to be at court later this morning. That will be so much fun! Oh and I have a full afternoon of appointments scheduled. I hope I can get in at least a few hours of sleep before all of that, but it’s not looking good.

We’re tired and grumpy.

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