3 hours of sleep is not enough sleep. You’d think I’d be used to it by now though. I guess I am…I’m exhausted but I’m still getting shit done.

Court this morning was interesting. The nice judge lost her shit on this loser attorney who is always fucking stuff up. It was good to hear/see her finally woman the fuck up and put the smack down. Lawyers like him give the rest of us a bad name.

I was scheduled to have lunch with my sister today. I put aside two hours that I couldn’t spare to do so, because hey…making an effort. But now that the day is actually here…*crickets*. It’s fine. I knew this would happen. This is why I don’t try.

I’m not sad. I’m resigned. It suits me just fine actually.

So I’ve ordered yet another salad from Bread Co, and I am going to crank out some work before these afternoon appointments start showing up.

As of now, we are still set to go out with J&M tonight. We considered rescheduling because of how little sleep we got, but it isn’t like we would go home and go to bed. We would stay up and do shit, so we might as well be social.

Oh and I almost forgot: I AM OFF TOMORROW. I am going to sleep in and it is going to be motherfucking glorious. I am not doing any work either. Fuck that noise. I am going to be a lazy piece of shit until I have to take my little shit demon kitten to the vet at 3:30.

So funny (to me) story: I was having an impossible time getting my hair to curl these last several weeks, and I was so pissy about it. I read a bunch of articles and watched YouTube videos. I couldn’t figure out why my hair suddenly wouldn’t hold a curl. Then I read this article that was like, “You can’t complain about your hair not curling if you are still using that same busted ass curling iron from 1999.” (Okay so that’s paraphrased, but you get the idea) So then the light bulb went off, and I was like…Oh shit this curling iron is old as fuck. I bought it way back in the day when I had long hair, but then I went through like 8 years of having short hair and didn’t use it much.  It’s old as fuck. I went and bought a new one yesterday, and it’s just a cheap drugstore Conair or some such shit, but IT WORKS. My hair easily and quickly curled this morning, and it only took about 20 minutes. This makes me happier than it should, but one of the reasons I wanted to grow my hair out was to make it all curly and princess like. So here we are. Woo.

It’s the little things sometimes.

Okay – now I will actually do some work.


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