dreams so real

Trazadone has been giving me those super vivid dreams that you only get on (certain) drugs. I’ve also had waking dreams with it.


The first night I had a dream that I was making out with a very hot lady. We got onto the bed and started to undress, when she suddenly pulled out a dick. I was surprised, but into it, and started to go downtown. Then I discovered that the dick was covered in a light fur, and that maybe she was actually some kind of werewolf or something. I was strangely into it.

A couple of nights ago, I *think* I was still awake (though I guess I probably wasn’t), and I saw and heard a kitten on the floor next to my bed. I hurredly turned on the bedside lamp and jumped out of bed, just to realize that I was alone in the room. That one sort of freaked me out.

This is just the 50 mg dose. Freya takes this med too, and I asked her if she has vivid/strange dreams now, but she said she doesn’t.

I used to have similar experiences on Ambien – though Ambien was way crazier. I used to full on hallucinate on Ambien. Ah…those were the days. lol

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