bullets in the wind

I’m going to do a list post because I’m too tired for anything else.

  • D’s SAD is kind of bad right now. I wish I could fix it for him. I know it will pass, but it sucks.
  • My mystery illness keeps getting worse. I’ve felt awful all day. I don’t see the specialist until the 12th. It feels like forever.
  • I want to cry. I’m so tired of this.
  • And I’m convinced I’m dying. 😕
  • I barely saw or spoke to Freya. Everyone has been very quiet tonight.
  • Except these annoying fucking animals.
  • JN sent me the links to the sex toys she recommended last night, so I ordered them. They will be here by Friday, so happy weekend to me…lol.
  • The dreaded crim docket from this morning actually went quite well.
  • Today’s consults were especially crazy. I feel like everyone has been very extra lately. The people suck. The cases are shitty. Nothing is easy anymore.
  • Still no update from my lawyer on the partnership dissolution, but S has been texting me like we’re friends. It’s irritating as fuck. That ship has sailed, bro.
  • I’ve been looking into Buttigieg. I think he might be my guy.
  • But really I’m team #votebluenomatterwho. I don’t even give a fuck who it is at this point.
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