just another boring af update

I haven’t had a Diet Pepsi all day. The struggle is real!! But I haven’t felt as sick today either. So…

I had a beer earlier and started to have problems almost immediately, so I may need to take a break from that too until I figure out wtf is going on.


When I started this low carb journey on 12/26, the scale said I had 22.3% body fat. This morning it measured 19%. Not too shabby. My clothes are loose. My husband can’t keep his hands off of me. Today someone thought I was 25. I’m pleased.



I ordered two bottles of this today, after much squealing and carrying on:


Btw we watched episode three tonight and holy fuck this show is fantastic.

Oh yes, these will be delivered tomorrow:

Hells to the yes.

Oh and I ordered these:

They have excellent reviews.

I saw this today and freaked out:

I thought this was cute this morning:

I better go to bed or this will be me tomorrow morning:

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  1. I think I’m the only person who doesn’t care about The Rolling Stones coming to STL. Not hating just meh.

    • I’m a bit worried they’re too old and it will suck. I know the tickets are going to be hella pricey.

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