it’s raining, it’s pouring

and soon it will be snowing.


D and I are wanting to go out tonight to see a DMB cover band that is playing downtown. If the weather is too shitty, then we won’t be able to make it happen, which sucks, because I’ve really been looking forward to this show. The show doesn’t even start until 9, so I’m going to have to fight my urge to just go the fuck to bed instead.

I’m leaving work early today to go see the gastro specialist. I have been feeling a lot better the last two days. Cutting out Diet Pepsi seems to have been the right call. Still…I need answers, and hopefully today’s appointment is a step in that direction. I’m tired of worrying about cancer. Speaking of cancer, I’m seeing my oncologist on Friday morning.  Two of my cancer pals have relapsed recently, and it has me all out of sorts. When is it my turn? etc. etc.

I feel like so much is uncertain right now, and it is causing anxiety.

I also feel very unmotivated. I am tired and slightly depressed. I’m always cold. Waking up in the morning has become a real challenge. I blame part of that on the Trazadone. Impatiently awaiting Spring.

D and I are supposed to be going to New Orleans at the beginning of March, and I am very excited about this. I’m going to find a ghost tour to go on, because that is my thing. It will be really nice to get out of town for a while.

Oh and the other parents have approved our preferred vacation week (the week of my birthday) so we will be doing a family vacation in July. I’m pretty sure we will end up in Florida, but we are still discussing. We haven’t had a proper family vaca in a while, so this will be fun.

That’s it…I have nothing interesting to say. At least not anything I feel like sharing at the moment. I will say that D and I had a good conversation last night, and it feels good to be on the same page with everything. Now we just have to make sure that everyone else understands and respects our boundaries.


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  1. I’m sure you’ve got your spots, but when we’re in New Orleans I always try to remember to get out of the Quarter just a little bit. The Marigny is quite cool – several nice spots. And Magazine over in the Garden District is top notch. We always hit The Bulldog.

  2. I can’t drink fizzy soft drinks – no idea why – ever since I was little, they pretty much turn me inside out. Just thought I would volunteer that 🙂 lol

  3. Em and I are going to NOLA at the end of March to see Trevor Noah. I’ll need recommendations after your trip!

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