Some Sunday Shit

I hung around my house all day nursing a headache, but I still decided to try to look cute. You can’t really tell, but I’m wearing blue eyeshadow. πŸ’™

Eventually, I crawled out of bed and played some board games with the kids.

(I’m always Blanche).

But mostly I just read. I started The Sun Down Motel, and I’m into it. It’s a little creepy.

Oh and D and I watched Dark Frontier (eps. 1&2) again. I fell asleep last time. Seven of Nine is so hot.

Not much to report here. I’m already dreaming of next weekend. We have plans both Friday and Saturday night.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I’m not ready. At least there’s no court (because of the holiday).

On the other hand, I’ve cried a lot this weekend, and haven’t been in the best mood, so maybe getting back to my routine will be good for me.

I’m going to take Trazadone now and hopefully pass out. I have to resist the urge to stay up super late finishing this book.

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