let’s try something different

What if I wrote an entire post without mentioning anything sad?

  • We have a tree in our front yard now. The city planted it as part of some local ordinance that states every yard must have a tree in a certain spot. So yeah – D and I are weirdly excited about this. I’m excited to see what it looks like come spring.
  • Spring is not that far off at all. How awesome is that??
  • I have like 1000 things I want to do this summer. There are so many concerts – like an overwhelming amount.
  • Annie and I are going to see Cats in April. I wasn’t going to, but then I was like…fuck it. YOLO, bitch. I want to see it. So we shall.
  • Same goes for Hamilton. Working on tickets for that currently.
  • This weekend, I’m taking the kids to go get passport photos. They do not know it yet, but we are planning a trip to England this summer.
  • D and I are planning a separate trip too. We’re thinking Grand Cayman, but nothing is for sure yet. So I need to get my passport updated.
  • Oooh my pizza just got here. lol bye. Gotta eat while I still can. I’m eating whatever I want today since it will be offset by like 36 hours of no food. *cries*
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