biopsy day aka wednesday

People keep calling me, and I keep sending the calls to voice mail. I’m not in the mood to chat. I’m exhausted. I have a headache. My back is sore as fuck.

Anyway…the biopsy: it’s done. Doc says they got three good samples. I was drugged up, but not knocked out, so I was aware of what was happening, and it was not pleasant. I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that having a giant needle stuck into your hip is not a fun time.

And now we wait. We won’t have the results by Friday, so the appointment with the oncologist is being rescheduled to next week.

Here’s a pic of us hanging in the waiting room:

This morning was pretty nice. We hung out in bed cuddling, chatting, and listening to music. Got in a hot bang. I wish all mornings could be like that.

We’ve been setting up lots of fun plans. We set up a Brew Hop tour, and we’re doing a tequila & taco event with J&M. Oh and we bought tickets to Microfest (beer festival).

I’m following Shannen Doherty on Insta now. She has MBC too, and her posts are helping me. I stole this from her page:

Relevant af.

Ordered this today:

Other internet stuff from this week that has spoken to me:

The ladies had to reschedule some appointments set for today, because obviously I was unable to be in the office. Well this one cunt sent two really shitty emails saying that I’m an unprofessional asshole for doing so. Here is my response:

I’m not biting my tongue with these motherfuckers anymore.

That’s all for now.


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4 thoughts on “biopsy day aka wednesday

  1. The degree of decorum in the “get fucked” email is seriously inspiring… I’m afraid I jumped to the part where you literally cut a bitch… I’m not as evolutionarily developed.

    • She wrote me back and said she hopes I die a slow death, so I’m getting her blacklisted with all the good bk attorneys in the area.

    • She wrote me back to let me know she hopes I die slowly. People are just lovely.

  2. And here I’d started thinking humanity, compassion, and decency were a thing of the past. Golly… working with “the public” is always there to remind of the positive nature of human beings…


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