I decided to wear pants today:

I just bought these in a size smaller than what I was wearing last year, but I could have sized down further, because these are too loose. At least they’re comfortable. Comfort was my top priority today, because the biopsy site hurts and also itches like crazy from where the incision is healing.

I wish I would have worn a cardigan. Not only was I freezing all day, but I felt unpolished without it.

I also decided to wear some fun earrings that I’ve had for years, but never wear, because they seemed too extra. Well ain’t nobody got time for that anymore. Life’s short; wear the fun earrings.

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One thought on “TGIF FASHION

  1. Wear the fun earrings, use the good china, drink the good liquor and treat yourself like you would your best friend staying for a week. Or, you know, not… but, I finally stopped by my “regular drinking” bourbon – though I contend it is just fine… but I realized that I wouldn’t want to make my wifely a cocktail with it… so I probably shouldn’t drink it. And there’s only limited justification for drinking (or wearing) something you wouldn’t recommend to others.

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