The Saturday Recap Post

It’s 6:49 am and it’s still dark af. Hello, DST.

Why am I awake so early on a Sunday? Good fucking question. My body is an asshole.

Let’s talk about yesterday…

My phone has been acting up – like I was restarting it five+ times per day. So we went to t-mobile and D bought me a new phone. I got an iPhone 11 Pro, and now that I have the hang of how to use it, I’m in love. This camera is insane!!

First new phone selfie:

I wore my flamingo dress yesterday, and got lots of looks. The cashier at Petco told me I was “quirky cute without trying too hard.” Lol okay.

Our weekend house project was to begin installing the pulls/handles on our kitchen cabinets. It only took us 3 1/2 years. Haha. We (and by we I mean D) installed the first set, and it looks great!

The goal is to have the entire kitchen done by the 28th (cancer party).

Speaking of the cancer party, the attendance list is fucking insane, and now certain colleagues are coming whom I never would have invited, but for word spreading, and people saying stuff like “everyone wants to come support you.” What am I supposed to say about that?

Okay back to yesterday:

We were planning on going out (specifically to the city for Thai food) but then decided to stay home and watch Star Trek. You might be an old nerd if…

We watched some original series, some DS9, and the first episode of Discovery. So good.

Here are some other pics that I want to post just because this camera is 🔥🔥🔥.


Oh I forgot to mention: while D and I were out to lunch yesterday, he received a text from his mom, whom he hasn’t spoken with in years, because her and his dad flat our refused to meet me. The first message said she was very sorry to hear about my cancer returning. We were both surprised. D thanked her. But then she responded with some long ass rant about how upset she is that we are athiests. Yep…there it is. Now the world makes sense again. Lol.

“And now with Jennifer so terribly sick, I can hardly bear the consequences of your atheism.”

I’m worried about a lot of things right now, burning in hell isn’t one of them. People are a constant disappointment.

Happy Sunday! Today is supposed to be beautiful. Seize the day!! ❤️

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  1. Yay for a new phone! The camera is insane… and insanely cruel when you’re old like me! 😂

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